Traditional Cabinet Work :

Styled Furniture Part I :

The Origin of styled furniture came from Egyptian Art that was inspired by the diverse Gods; then the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age (-50 before JC) with the celts...
The Hand-Made techniques making furniture and houses started to be imposing from Antiquity to the Middle Age.
The Renaissance Styles are the richest of the styles, such as the Cornucopia.
The great cabinet makers of the kings such as crafter Andre Charles Boulle (1642-1732) in France, used a lot of different materials, such as gold, making some extraordinary furniture.
The new styles are often taken from the elements of the past such as the Acanthe leaves that you can find with different forms.

Styled Furniture Part II :

The development of the United States people happened very quickly even with styles.
In the Show part of the web site there is 1 example of the Mission Style, with the Cabinet...
Design and Modern Art bring a potential of fine structures in furniture and less constraits thanks to the developments of production.
In the XX and XXI century, the research and the quality of life has become better and has generated a few styles such as my luxe chest (Style Post Modernism).

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