Wood Artist Competition 2013:

Oeuvre A:

I chose the Padouck wood and the love chest subject...The Padouck wood panel (1): Europe and Jupiter

Love Chest Part I:



The movie this time is about the assembly of the sides of my Love Chest ... The dovetail joints or simply dovetail is a joint technique we use when we need a strong and beautiful assembly: cabinetry or carpentry.

Love Chest Part II




Love Chest, Part III

A master piece : the Love Chest with a lot of new design.
God with different faces; the beautiful woman from the greek mythology...
A meteorite sphere and the meteorite machete!




Oeuvre B:

The Tiger Face:

I chose the Zebrawood because the fibres alternance are black and white, it's pretty like the tiger hairs.


Wood Competition at Forest Heritage Center Museum:

Invitation Expo

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