Art Work from 2014


The Eagle Head Vase:


From immemorial times, the wood was used to make houses, boats or Art objects; wood is a noble material, like gold, meteorites or diamonds...
My artworks means a lot for me: it's the perfect match with my ideas when I conceive them...
I try to give a message and a heritage to the people, something new, never seen before, with some mysterious significances such as Love subjects.
No matter what the public says, I follow my own path: sometimes I have some good inspirations and sometimes not...
I try to create some new Designs, the special project like my oeuvre the dark forest, could be appreciated and after not; the mode moves with the people, it's luck.
To understand the people, I need to understand myself, like the big infinity and the small infinity (such as planets and Atoms).
There is a correlation somewhere and I need to find it because I'm an artist...


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